Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo on the 3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop hosted by Dr. Koray Erdongan

May 18, 2015
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May 18, 2015 Medilor

Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo on the 3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop hosted by  Dr. Koray Erdongan, Alex Ginzburg and José Lorenzo in the city of Istanbul (Turkey), the 26th, 27 and 28th June, 2015,”.

Among Faculties we were lucky to have Dr. Jerry Wong, John Cole, James Harris, Robert True, Emorane Lupanzula, Hussein Rahal, Bijan Feriduni y Jean Devroye, very well-known and reputed doctors in the field of the FUE Technique.

In this opportunity Dr. Lorenzo was in charge of the scientific program of the workshop (chairman).


Thursday 25:

General Session: 

oFollicular adherence, Anchor System (ppt)

oManual FUE tools (ppt)oQuality of the donor area and predictive points (ppt)

oDebate: moderator on the topic: Hairs per graft in HT technique                                    



oHair per graft comparison between FUE manual, Strip and Artas  (10 months study) (ppt)

oImplantation FUE graft with implanter (ppt + video)o Comparative forceps/ implanterso 



Manual Step Technique (video)Surgical Session:

oExtraction, FUE manual: 700 grafts oPlacement with implanter. Friday 26:

oGeneral Session:  – Surgical strategy in advanced alopecia. Split Technique (ppt)

oSurgical Session:   – Placement with implanter.


Saturday 27:

General Session:

oSegmented Acell study in 40 patients and results (ppt)

oTelogen effluvium of the donor site (ppt + video)Surgical Session: 

oExtracción, FUE manual: 1000 grafts oPlacement with implanter.




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