4th Avignon International World FUE Institute Workshop

March 10, 2020
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March 10, 2020 Medilor2

4th International World FUE Institute Workshop Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo at the 4th World WFI Workshop in the city of Avignon (FRANCE), from June 20 to 22, 2019. Coordinated by Dr. Alejandro Chueco (Chairman), and having Dr. Rene Rodriguez as Scientific Director. President: Dr. Koray Erdogan.


Among the Faculties we were fortunate to have the presence of Dr. Lupanzula, Hussein Rahal, Bijan Feriduni,, Alex Ginzburg, Alejandro Chueco y Antonio Ruston, doctors with great reputation and recognized prestige in the FUE technique. On this occasion, Dr. Koray Erdogan, as President of the WFI, was in charge of preparing the workshop’s scientific program (chairman).


Thursday, 20

    Placement –Sharp Implanters

Friday, 21

    Coverage Value
  • PRESENTATIONS (General Session)ÇDUPA-BUPA: 10 años
    Local causes of low survival: Necrosis and Hematomas.

Saturday, 22

    FUE Surgery: Placement with implanter (1200 grafts)