Satisfaction Guaranteed

At we believe in the quality of our work and survival of our transplants is very consistent.

For this reason we guarantee all our transplants

The guarantee applies to 85% of the transplanted follicle.

This is because we know that approximately 85% of hairs in the scalp are in the anagen (growth) phase while the other 15% are in the telogen (rest) phase.

Physiologically speaking, this is how our hair renews and recycles itself and this cycle can be observed in the loss of normal hair which happens to us all on a daily basis. Summarizing therefore, in the scalp we only see 85% of the total hair present at any one time. By the same token, we only see 85% of transplanted hairs at any one time. The transplanted hair continues in the same cycle as it had in the donor region.Our commitment is free mending for any patient who doesn’t reach the 85% limit after one year of the procedure, having complied with the directions and revisions required during the post-operatory follow-up.At we only ask that the patient, as previously mentioned, follows our post-operatory instructions in strict fashion and comes to the revision appointments as determined by (generally after 2, 5 and 10 months) in order for the guarantee to be valid.

Two exceptions:

  • in those cases where for whatever motive we are unable to shave the scalp (surgery using flaps), the guarantee decreases to 65% as we cannot work in technically ideal circumstances.
  • In cases of reparation and due to the complexity of these cases (when the previous surgery was performed in another clinic), the guarantee drops to 50%.