Online Diagnosis

If it does not suit you to come to our clinic, you can ask for a preliminary consultation by email

For greater accuracy, you can send us your digital photos by email (via a digital camera or scanner).

In order to be as precise as possible, we require a definition of greater than 1 MB (300 – 600 Kb), using macro and at a distance of between 30 and 50 cm. If possible, take the photos without flash, in a lighted area and and with a white or pale clear background.

We need 8 photos which must include photos taken from the following angles:

  • Frontal: close-up and further away: close-up to see clearly the front hair-line and further away to see how the front hair-line fits in with the rest of the patients features, always bearing in mind the real age of the front hair-line (as in the natural front hair-line for for each age group)
  • Right and left-hand sides (including the hair-line): the lateral lines are never symmetrical. Also, the FUE technique takes advantage of the sides and converts them into donor areas.
  • From above: to determine the general degree of hair-loss.
  • From behind: to evaluate the donor area.


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You can attach photos of your head to give us a more accurate idea of ​​your treatment. 8 photographs are required: Frontal photo, Left Side photo, Right Side photo, Above photo, Donor Area photo, Crown picture, Rear left side photo, Rear right side photo.PLEASE TRY TO SEND PHOTOS WITH A MAXIMUN WEIGHT OF 1MB, PHOTOS WITH MORE MB MAY CAUSE DELIVERY PROBLEMS.

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