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We returned to work after the mandatory surgical break to celebrate our 6th WFI Workshop in the city of Bangkok (Thailand). As always, we have actively participated in it’s organization and development.

Presentations by Dr. Lorenzo (Past president, member of the board and of the scientific subcommittee in charge of carrying out the program).

  1. PPT: Have you ever had reactions like this in a post op?
  2. PPT: Can you imagine a transplant where the grafts doesn’t go into the resting phase & grows from the beginning?
  3. PPT: Why i prefer PUNCH over laser to repair wrong or low hairlines.
  4. PPT: Long term evolution, my experience after 20 years doing FUE.
  5. Moderator: How I do it: Recipient
  6. Moderator Founders & Guest DEBATE: What happens after 10 o more years post op?
  7. Speaker in DEBATE: Future of the hair transplantation profession in the next decade, ethical and educational aspects
  8. Video presentations, Tips & Pearls: How to sharpen implanter needles.
  9. Video presentations, Tips & Pearls: Lion implanter guide issues- Decapitation & unscrewed plunger
  10. Video presentations, Tips & Pearls: Buried grafts
  11. Live surgery: Placement with implanter pen.