Technique of individually extracting follicular units

The FUE technique is a hair transplant technique that is fully developed, created for just one purpose:

To banish forever having to leave permanent marks in the rear of the head (donor area)

obliging those who wished to repopulate their bald or thinning areas to always wear their hair long. The FUE technique extracts INDIVIDUALLY the follicular units, be it 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs (for this reason there are micro-scalpels of different sizes).

We know that the follicles consist of their own physiological entity, which contain:

Between one and four terminal hairs, one down hair (in rare cases two), up to nine sebaceous glands, the arrector pili muscles, one peri-follicular band (circumferential, fine and adventitious collagen which surrounds and defines the unit) and coming up from underneath the plexo vascular peri-follicle and the neural system.

When we perform the extraction of the follicular unit we have to obtain all of the components integrated within the peri-follicle without causing any damage,

except the vascular nervous pack which regenerates in the new site of the transplanted follicle. Performing the extraction individually requires great skill and experience on behalf of the hair surgeon.

In follicular transplantation with FUE usually involved a team well trained in each of the steps involved in this method. Fatigue and driven by the large concentration involves removing a large number of follicular units and working under magnified view is avoided.

The FUE is an easily controllable process where the grafts are continually evaluated in terms of visual quality,

number of hairs per graft, number of units of one (gives us a rough equivalence of the degree of trasección since grafts 1 never are our target when we extract), number of grafts 2, 3 and 4 and accurate accounting of the total number of hairs (which ultimately is what gives us the coverage). If operated by us you can see that we are continually making statistics grafts when they are extracted.

The extraction is carried out by our two surgeons, Dr. Lorenzo and Dr. Bruno Ferreira, both have a specialist mining (TEF) to help them in this task.

The implementation, in our particular point of view, is a process where the unit is inserted and hidden in the patient’s skin. There are many ways to injure a graft during implantation, and might go unnoticed if the surgeon was not in this act. Therefore, in our clinic 100% of the grafts are placed by surgeons

Dr. Lorenzo and Dr. Bruno Ferreira, with great experience after 11 years of using the same technique.

Inserting by surgeons also allows better control of the angle in each specific area and placement of the units 1, 2, 3 and 4 in specific places, which increases the optical sensation know coverage.This new technique has been doing for four years in certain clinical, mainly in USA, CANADA, GREECE, AUSTRALIA and SPAIN. Their results were presented at seminars and conferences Medical International (ISHRS – International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery) and their effects examined and studied in depth. has always been committed RESULTS, QUALITY, MOST ADVANCED RESEARCH and over the past 14 years TECHNIQUES. There are today many hair surgeons, qualified and recognized internationally

We advise from is that once you choose a hair transplant performed research and study thoroughly the available techniques, different surgeons and clinics. It is important to talk or see results from patients who have already performed the transplant in the center.