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The benefits of the Implanter

Minimal Incisions

Without damaging the surrounding follicles, veins, nerves or collagen, vital for hair growth. (Implanter of   0.7 a 1 mm).

Maximum density is achievable, even after having transplanted a large number of follicles, given that the incisions are minimal and allow us to place the grafts very close together.

Minimal damage caused to the tissues.

The result is completely natural looking and undetectable. Healing is much quicker then with other methods, avoiding inflammation and post-operatory scabbing typical in other methods.

Creates a totally natural result

Helps to preserve the donor zone.

Using the implanter means that the surgeon can mimic the angle and direction of the patients natural hair.

Three needle sizes offer the flexibility needed to transplant follicles of different sizes.

Maximum growth

Using the implanter ensures minimum handling of the follicles and their maximum growth,  by avoiding contact with scalpel or tweezers and adjusting the depth of the implant.

Only minimal reinsertion of the follicles is required thanks to the implanter.

In 8 months, 90% of the new hairs have grown and will remain there permanently.

It’s not necessary to perform any type of special maintenance of the new hairs,

given that their growth is that of normal and totally natural hairs

Different applications

  • Restoration of scalp hair.
  • Reconstruction of the front hair line.
  • econstruction of eyebrows, beard and pubic area.
  • Reparation of scars from previous procedures.
  • Reconstruction of previous hair transplants.