2nd International World FUE Institute Workshop

July 10, 2017
July 10, 2017 Medilor2


Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo in the 2nd World WFI Workshop in the city of Athens (Greece), from June 22 to 24, 2017. Coordinated by Dr. Alejandro Chueco (Chairman), and having Dr. Koray Erdogan as Scientific Director. Among the Faculties we were fortunate to have the presence of Dr.Koray Erdogan, Emorane Lupanzula, Hussein Rahal, Bijan Feriduni,, Alex Ginzburg, Alejandro Chueco, Piero Tesauro, David Josephitis, Ron Shapiro, Jerry Cooley y Antonio Ruston, doctors with great reputation and recognized prestige in the FUE technique. On this occasion, Dr. Lorenzo, as President of the WFI, was in charge of preparing the workshop’s scientific program (chairman).

Thursday 22

  • PRESENTATIONS (General Session):
    FUE Anatomy: Follicular Adherence, Anchor System
    Individual Tecnique: Manual Step FUE
  • DEBATE WITH STAFF (General Session):
    In which cases do you choose FUE? Can every case be addressed by using FUE within HT limits? If you require a HT, which technique would you choose for yourself?
    Manual or Motorized,:which is better for graft quality? Which is better for donor preservation? Punch Type: Serrated or Smooth? Punch Size? Depth?
    FUE Surgery: Manual extraction (250 grafts) and placement with implanter

Friday 23

  • PRESENTATION (General Session):
    Depletion of the Donor Area (Over-Harvested Cases with Photos)
    Coverage Applications in Our Daily Practice
    FUE Graft Implantation with Implanter
    Special Implanter Maneuvers in Popping and Bleeding. Forceps Vs. Implanter.

Saturday 24

  • PRESENTATIONS (General Session):
    Segmented Acell Study in 40 Patients and Results.
    Common Pitfalls in FUE Surgery and past oversights
    All 4 legs of my chair.
  • DEBATE WITH STAFF (General Session):
    How do you use finasteride? Do you use finasteride for hairloss in women? Have you personally witnessed any persisting side effects from finasteride? Do you recommend Minoxidil? Why? Why not? What are your opinions about PRP/ATP/LLLT? Which storage solutions are you using?